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Corporate Lawyer Toronto



A corporate lawyer can help you select the best business structure for your company. A well-designed and properly operated business can bring joy to you and to your family, while a poor foundation can cause a business to crumble.

Hiring a corporate lawyer can make all the difference in getting your business off to the right start, and maintaining it successfully for years to come. With legal counsel as part of your business organisation, you can achieve continuing success, reduce costs and risks.

One of our key directives is prevention counsel, which keeps the potential cost to your business down and makes everyone happy.

As your corporate lawyer, we seek to know your business better than you know it yourself. We aim to be informed about your business so we can have solutions in hand for every potential problem that could arise.

Whether you are looking to establish, grow, or protect your business, you can be confident knowing that De Souza’s law has you covered.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution
As sometimes happens, disagreements arise.  When they do, a corporate lawyer on your side can design strategies to resolve matters and advise on solutions for the best interests of all involved. It is my mission to ensure a favourable outcome, whether through mediation or civil litigation.

Expansions and Franchising
Growing your business can be a rewarding and profitable experience. However, if you don’t establish your new branches in the proper manner, you can hurt the image of your brand and LOSE MONEY. A corporate lawyer can ensure your growth is properly managed and limit the risk to you.

Property rights
A corporate lawyer can ensure your company maintains the rights to the things it produces. Whether it is physical or intellectual, movable or fixed, you want to maintain control of the things you own. Protect yourself by hiring Lester.

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