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  • Experienced and reliable

    After more than 15 years as an established lawyer, Lester has seen it all. Let him put his experience to use for you.

  • Only A Call Away

    Before you make any decisions about your future, feel free to call. Lester is always available to help

  • A Hands-On Approach

    Lester treats every client like his best friend.
    Rather than hiring a faceless, stuffy law firm, become a part of the de Souza’s family.

DE SOUZA’S Law Offices

You are a law-abiding citizen, who cares about the proper way to run your business and your personal life. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. When it comes to the law, you need to know that you are receiving clear counsel from an honest, educated and genuine lawyer who will protect what matters to you.

Lester de Souza offers a unique approach to the law: he believes in wealth building and protection through legal counsel for spirit-filled entrepreneurs. Key to this belief is treating clients as people, not a number. Lester will work with you every step of the way. Rather than working to bail you out when you get in trouble with the law, Lester’s practice is aimed at prevention counsel. This keeps the cost to you down and makes everyone happy.

The analogy he likes to use is that if a healthy person gets sick, it is not as big of a problem as it would be for an unhealthy person.

With that in mind, Lester has you covered for any agreement you make, involving ownership and litigation of all kinds of law contracts, as well as property claims, such as real estate, business law, estate law, trusts and wills. Call him whenever you have a question that pertains to the law. and how it affects your life.

Become part of our family. For your free consultation, click here or call us today at 416 479 0547.